Welcome to our discussion page for Canada's Registered Massage Therapists. DigitalRMT was created because the options available in electronic charting for massage therapists were not meeting the needs of many of todays therapists. Most companies are using the generic SOAP note format, but the CMTO has a minimum of 40 required fields for our charting. So Sarah Armstrong, B.Sc., RMT, created her own templates on her laptop. During a regular peer review, the auditor was overwhelmed with how complete the four forms were. That generated a discussion between Ms Armstrong and the peer reviewer on how many of todays records are not keeping up with the CMTO's standards, even paper records. The peer reviewer was very enthusiastic that this type of record keeping should be available to all therapists. So, DigitalRMT was created to elevate the options available to the therapists in Canada.

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming articles on this page that aim to generate discussion and improve therapists awareness of record keeping issues.